November 14 2016 – Love Zion’s stones and favor her dust.

Psalm 102 verse 14 speaking of Zion says:

14 For Your servants take pleasure in her stones,
And show favor to her dust.

Zion in the Old Testament was synonymous with the city of God, the place where God dwelt and the place that He loved (Psalm 87:2-3). The word is also used in the Old Testament to refer to the nation of Israel as a whole (Zechariah 9:13). The nation of Israel in the Old Testament was a picture of the church today. Like Zion in the Old Testament the church is the place where God dwells in His people and it is the people loved by God in a special way, in that the church has embraced God’s love for it in Christ. So the term Zion speaks of the church today.

This verse tell us we are to take pleasure or love her stones. That means we are to love those in the church because they are the stones that build the church. Peter refers to believers as stones in 1 Peter 2 verse 5.

We are not only to love her stones but also show favor to her dust.

God works on us as stones just as quarried stones are worked on to prepare them to be used to build a building. He chips away at our character, cutting away the unhealthy parts of our lives. As that happens dust is created and the unhealthy parts of us even become dust as they crumble away in response to God pruning them off our lives. So the dust in this verse speaks to me of our flaws and shortcomings and the verse says we are to favor Zion’s dust. In other words we are to love each other as believers despite our flaws and shortcomings, warts and all.

As 1 Peter 4:8 says, our love for each other as Christians should cover the sins, mistakes and shortcomings we see in each other.

So… Zion’s stones and favor her dust.

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