November 10 2016 – the humble go up, while the proud go down.

We are told in Esther chapter 9 verse 4 that Mordecai became great, famous and prominent in king Ahasuerus’s kingdom

Haman by prideful, cruel and oppressive means had tried to become prominent by killing the man who would not pay him homage and his people (Ch 3:5-6).

Mordecai on the other hand was a picture of virtue, loving his people, loyal and faithful to them even in their misfortune  (Ch 4:1-2, 4), when he might have tried to use his connections in the palace with Esther to protect and isolate himself from their plight. He also humbled himself on their behalf in fasting (Ch 4:16-17).

What happened to Mordecai and Haman ?  As we have seen Mordecai went up till he was great, famous and prominent (Ch 9:4), while the prominence Haman grasped at alluded him and he fell before Mordecai (Ch 6:12-13) eventually to his death (Ch 7 :9-10).

Mordecai & Haman are clear examples of Matthew 23:12 “…whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted”.

The humble go up while the proud go down.


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