November 9 2016 – the three ingredients of big change.

Esther chapter 8 tells of the huge turn around in the fortune of the Jews. Where they had been sorrowful, fasting, weeping and wailing when they learnt of their planned annihilation (Ch 4:1-3), they became glad, joyful, feasted and celebrated as they learnt of their empowerment to gather and defend themselves and destroy those who rose up against them ( Ch 8:11 & 16-17).

What brought about this remarkable change of fortune for them, from darkness to light, from sorrow to joy, from death to life ?

It was brought about by the faith, courage and risk taking of two people, Mordecai and Esther.

Mordecai told Esther to go into the king to appeal on behalf of the Jews (Ch 4:8) and continued to want her to do it even after she told him she might die (Ch 4: 11, 13-14). He pointed out that she may precisely have been put in the position she was in for this critical time, for God to use her to save His people (Ch 4:14). Remember Esther was like a daughter  to Mordecai (Ch 2:7), he had a lot to lose, yet he still wanted her to go in to the king, a great step of faith and courage on his part, a huge risk.

Esther followed her cousin Mordecai’s example, exercising great faith and courage herself and taking a huge risk, when she went in to the king (Ch 5:1-2) knowing she would be put to death unless he held out his scepter to her (Ch 4:11 & 16).

Their faith, courage and risk taking paid off. One thing led to another and the king who had agreed to the annihilation of the Jews in chapter 3 became their defender in chapter 8.

The Jew’s fortune was completely changed from night to day, there was great salvation, a powerful deliverance.

Great salvation, powerful deliverance in our lives will involve those 3 things, faith, courage and risk taking.

They are the three ingredients of big change.

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