November 8 2016 – Pride hangs us.

The account of Haman in the 6th & 7th chapter of the book of Esther is one filled with ironic twists.

The honour Haman devised and wanted for himself, he had to give to Mordecai his arch enemy ( Ch 6:6-11), and the gallows he prepared to hang Mordecai on, he was hung on himself ( Ch 7:9-10).

Haman epitomised the worst of human nature. He was angry with Mordecai because he didn’t bow down to him (Ch 3:5). His anger was fuelled by pride and led to him nursing a deep grudge against Mordecai (Ch 5:9). Haman’s pride led him to be ruthless and cruel, scheming the annihilation of all Jews because one Jew Mordecai wouldn’t bow down to him (Ch 3:6).

Haman illustrates how pride and all it spawns, blind us and eventually it is our ruin. Haman’s pride blinded him to his own evil, assuming that if the king wanted to honour anyone it was him (Ch 6:6). Then his pride and the anger and grudge that arose out of it literally led to his utter ruin.

His pride, anger and grudge led him to build gallows he was hung on.

It’s a sobering reminder, that when we don’t deal with pride, anger and grudges….we scheme the downfall of others, we build gallows for others that we end up being hung on.

Pride hangs us.

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