November 7 2016 – Rest is beyond the giants.

Psalm 95 recalls the faltering of the children of Israel when they arrived at the Promised Land. Reference is made to the 40 years of wandering in the wilderness (v 10) which was preceded and brought about by the Children of Israel’s refusal to go into the Promised Land. Their refusal to face the giants in it and trust God to help them overcome the giants and all other obstacles in the land (Numbers 13:31-14:4).

In the Promised Land God wanted to give the Children of Israel rest (v.11), in other words a land where they would be at peace and secure,  but that would involve a fight, it would involve work, it would involve facing the giants, their fears and that they didn’t want to do. They wanted rest as long as it came without a price. But that is never the case.

Growing in God’s rest, peace and security in our lives always involves what was involved in the children of Israel entering the Promised Land, a fight, work and facing our giants, our fears. That’s the price of rest, that’s what it costs.

Rest is beyond the giants.

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