November 4 2016 – flexible as a palm and strong as a cedar in Lebanon.

Psalm 92:12 says:

12 The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree,
He shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon.

The righteous, those who pursue God, believe His Word and obey it are likened to both a palm tree and a cedar of Lebanon….why ?

Palm trees are notoriously flexible and their flexibility means they will weather storms while other trees are broken and uprooted. In a storm they will bend sometimes almost to the ground preventing them from breaking. The righteous are flexible in a storm. Because of their trust in God they always believe that whatever is happening God is in control and He wants to use it for good and that gives them great resilience. And because God is their security they are able to adapt and change, avoiding rigidity. These qualities enable them to be flexible and able to adapt in storms, so as some one put it……they bend they don’t break.

I learnt that the cedars in Lebanon were the best, tallest, largest, and strongest cedars. The righteous are strong because they are rooted in God and His truth. Like the wise man in the parable their life is built on a rock, based on God’s Word, His truth. As one walks out God’s instructions for living it brings tremendous strength to a one’s life.

If we are righteous, if we pursue God we will be……flexible as a palm and strong as a cedar in Lebanon.

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