November 3 2016- the secret place of the most High.

In Psalm 91 verse 1 we read about “the secret place of the most High”, and that we can dwell there, live there.

This refers to us positioning ourselves in a place of intimacy with God through continually believing and applying His Word in our life.

Why is it secret ? For two reasons. It is a secret to the enemy and a secret to us.

It is secret to our enemy Satan. When we are in the secret place, he doesn’t know where we are and therefore it’s a place of safety and security away from him and his attack. He cannot access us there, he cannot reach us. When we believe God’s Word and express faith in it by obeying it, we are out of his reach, protected from his attack. He can’t damage us. Our location is a secret to him.

This place is also secret to us because in it God speaks things to us that are secret between Him and us. He says things to us that no one else knows, that are only for our ears. He whispers intimate truths specifically for us and whose full significance only He and we know. It is secret in terms of the intimacy of communication it represents, the very personal things God tells us, told only to us and being just the things we need to hear.


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