November 2 2016 – Violently remove & close the gates to Sabbath breakers.

In Nehemiah chapter 13 we read of Nehemiah’s efforts to stop the people disregarding the Sabbath as a day of rest. He spoke out against the work they were doing and the business they were conducting (verses 15-21).

To help stop the disregarding of the Sabbath he closed the city gates on the Sabbath to prevent people going out to the fields to work and stop goods being brought into the city to be sold (v 19). When the merchants then set up shop outside the city walls hoping to do business with those who lived outside the city he threatened to violently remove them ( vs. 20 & 21).

Nehemiah went to great lengths and worked hard to see the Sabbath was honoured. Our Sabbath is the rest we have in the finished work of Christ. Like Nehemiah we should go to great lengths and work hard to ensure we remain in a place of rest in Christ’s work for us, adding no work or efforts of our own.

Like Nehemiah, we should….violently remove and close the gates to Sabbath breakers.

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