October 28 2016 – Give the enemy limited access.

In Nehemiah chapter 7 and verse 3, Nehemiah told the leaders he appointed to only allow limited access in and out of Jerusalem, telling them not to open the city gates till the sun was hot…..or until the heat of the day or near noon. In the East the gates of a city were normally opened at sunrise.

He recommended this so that when the gates were opened there was plenty of light and more citizens were alert and awake so that any enemy attack against the city would be more clearly visible and effectively counteracted. The limited access to the city was related to the increased activity of the enemy against the city at that time.

Sometimes the enemy of our life Satan attempts to be more active against us in various ways. He may try to attack us through a relationship we have that could be spiritually damaging to us or he may try to attack us in an area of our life where we are weak. In  these instances like Nehemiah we must be careful to protect ourselves by giving the enemy limited access to our city….our life.

That may involve pulling back in a relationship and spending less time with some one who may influence us in a bad way. Or it may involve us not going to certain places or being involved in certain activities that put us in a position where temptation would be greater in an area of our life where we are weak.

When the enemy’s activity against us increases by attacking us through things such as…..a potentially harmful relationship or him targeting an area of our life where we are weak, like Nehemiah lets…..give the enemy limited access.

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