October 26 2016 – Close the gaps by working “next to” others.

In Nehemiah chapter 3 there is a phrase that occurs again and again….the phrase ” next to them “  ( occurs 5 times in verses 2-5) referring to the next person or group of people that rebuilt the wall of Jerusalem alongside the last person or group mentioned. The job was done by many many people working next to each other. That was the way the job was best done so that the entire wall was joined together, restored and the gaps closed ( Ch 4:6-7).

We are called in life to rebuild a wall, to work at, improve and advance something and it is done best when we work “next to” others, alongside other people. When we work as a team, lock arms and join forces with others. In short when we walk and work together in unity.

We are most effective when we work together in unity and that is why unity is so attacked by Satan and why we must work hard to maintain it. If we don’t learn to walk, live and work “next to” each other, we wont get the job done, our wall wont be joined together, restored and the gaps closed.

Close the gaps by working “next to” others.



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