October 24 2016 -the secret place of thunder.

We all have fears, misgivings that lurk in our hearts. Some we brush off easily, while others are more difficult to brush off, their tentacles go deeper, while our worst fears go so deep they threaten at times to paralyze us, they positively terrify us.

The Psalmist in today’s psalm speaks about meeting God in such places.

Psalm 81:6&7 say:

“I removed his shoulder from the burden;
His hands were freed from the baskets.
You called in trouble, and I delivered you;
I answered you in the secret place of thunder…”

These verses refer to when the children of Israel were in slavery, possibly in Egypt, when they had to apply their shoulder to burdens, to heavy tasks and carry heavy baskets, heavy loads under cruel task masters.

Our fears can lead to such a life, burdening and weighing us down like heavy loads and heavy baskets. They become our cruel tasks masters.

The children of Israel called out to God and He answered them ” in the secret place of thunder”. That phrase speaks to me of the most intimate inner sanctum of our heart where our worst fears can roar like thunder and threaten to totally crush and destroy us.

This scripture is a reminder that God wants to meet us and deliver us right there. He wants to speak to the very eye, epicentre of our worst storm and bring calm, deliverance there.

It’s not that God can deliver us from some or most of our fears, He can deliver us from them all, from the very worst, even…..the secret place of thunder.

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