October 19 2016 -laying God’s foundation in our life.

In Ezra chapter 3 verses 10-11 the priests and Levites praised God and gave thanks at the laying of the foundation of the temple, and the people shouted with a great shout of praise. The laying of the foundation of the temple was obviously a big deal and it is a reminder to me that the laying of the foundation of our lives, is also a big deal to God.

Foundations are invisible yet they are the real strength of a building. The real strength of our lives is invisible, invisible to others but known to us and God, our motives, and what we truly trust in as we live our lives from day to day.

To God what we do, what is visible, is not half as important as why we do it, and what we trust in as we do it. Those things are invisible, they are our foundation. One sees many examples in scripture of experiences God took people through, sometimes for years, to lay His foundation in their life. To rid them of unhealthy motives, and their trust being in the wrong places.

Jacob’s years spent working for Laban, Joseph’s years working for Potiphar and in prison, David’s years as a fugitive being chased and hunted down by Saul, are all examples of God using experiences to lay a strong healthy foundation in these men’s lives, so their motives were pure and their trust was in God.

God wants our motives to be pure and our trust to truly be in Him, and He will take us through whatever is necessary to lay that foundation….to lay God’s foundation in our life.


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