October 18 2016 -God from start to finish.

In Ezra chapter 1 there is a significant series of events in the return of the Hebrew captives from Babylon to Israel to build the temple in Jerusalem.

First God spoke of this happening by the mouth of Jeremiah (verse 1). Then God stirred up the spirit of Cyrus king of Persia, so he made the proclamation that God had told him to build Him a house at Jerusalem. He told the Jews in his kingdom to go to Jerusalem and build it, and commanded the subjects of his kingdom to help them by giving them gold, silver etc…(verses 1-4).

Lastly God moved the spirits of His people to go to Jerusalem to build the temple (verse 5).

So from start to finish the returning of exiles to Jerusalem to build the temple was orchestrated by God. It was His idea and He moved on the various people involved to do it.

That is a pattern of what we want to have happen in our lives today. We want to engage in those things God initiates, He speaks and then participate in them as God directs us and others to be involved, each doing our part as God stirs up and moves on our spirit directing us what to do, so that the whole undertaking is……God from start to finish.

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