October 17 2016 – don’t let the enemy roar !

Psalm 74 gives a graphc picture of the attack of Israel’s enemy on the temple, referred to in verse 3 as the sanctuary (verses 2-7). The sanctuary was where God met with His people. God now meets with us not in a physical building but in our hearts and soul. We even experience Him in our body. Our spirit, soul and body are our sanctuary, our meeting place with God. The attack by the enemy of Israel on the physical temple is a picture of the attack Satan launches against the Christian today.

Verse 3 speaks of the enemy damaging everything in the sanctuary and verse 4 goes on to speak of Israel’s enemy roaring in the midst of God’s meeting place.

Our spirit is where God’s Spirit resides in us and it lies “in the midst” of our meeting place with God, in the sense that it is the primary place within us where God dwells, His influence and presence flowing from our spirit into our soul and body. We also refer to our spirit as our heart.

As this psalm describes, Satan roars in the midst of our meeting place with God. He roars fear, unbelief, doubt…..whatever it might be, aiming it at our heart and spirit in an attempt to attack our faith and interfere with and disturb our relationship, connection with God. If he succeeds that will go on to do damage in other parts of our sanctuary.. …damage in other parts of our being, such as our soul and body. Our emotions will degenerate the more fear is present in our heart. Our thinking will degenerate too becoming more unhealthy and fractured the more fear pervades.

Silence the enemy’s roar in the midst of your meeting place with God, in your heart/spirit, because the more he roars there the more he will do damage elsewhere in your sanctuary, in your soul and body.

Don’t let the enemy roar !

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