October 13th 2016 – fill people’s tank, don’t punch a hole in it !

In 2 Chronicles 32 when the king of Assyria made war against Jerusalem (verse 2), Hezekiah set captains over the people and addressed them (verses 6-8).

He reminded them of what was true, true according to God’s Word.

First that there were more with them than with the king of Assyria (verse 7). That whatever the size of his army their army was bigger.

Why ?

Hezekiah goes on to explain in verse 8, because God was with them to help them and fight for them.

It then says that the people were strengthened by Hezekiah’s words. Words are powerful. They strengthen or weaken a person. The words we speak to ourselves and others are powerful in this respect.

Hezekiah simply reminded the people of what was true, and in doing so put strength and courage in their heart. He filled them up, blessed them. He could have expressed dread and fear regarding the king of Assyria and in the process drained, depleted and weakened the people with his words, taken strength from them, punched a hole in their tank !….but instead he filled it up.

Words give strength or take it away. Lets be those who confess what is true, what is true according to what God says, His Word says, and in doing so give people strength, bless them and fill them up.

With your words….fill people’s tank, don’t punch a hole in it !

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