October 11 2016 – being delivered into the hands of foreign kings.

In 2 Chronicles 28 king Ahaz did not do what was right in God’s eyes, going his own way and causing terrible destruction in the process even sacrificing his own children ( verses 1- 4).

As  a result God delivered him into the hands of foreign kings, the kings of Syria and Israel ( verses 5-8). It didn’t go well for Ahaz. God resisted him, stopped him to stop the destructive path he was on, to stop the damage he was doing to himself, his family and all of Judah through his unhealthy influence and leadership.

Like king Ahaz, when we don’t do what’s right, when we go our own way, we do a lot of damage to ourselves and others. When we walk in pride, and ignore God’s principles and standards it’s destructive to us and those around us. As a result like king Ahaz, God then ” delivers us into the hands of foreign kings”. God resists us.

James 4:6 says “God resists the proud”.

God resists us when we’re proud, because He knows what a destructive path we’re on and He wants to re-direct us away from that path. It’s an act of His love and mercy to try to redirect our heart and behaviour, realigning them with His.

If things are not going well in our lives, if we seem to be hitting roadblocks, one thing to check is that they aren’t God’s road blocks. That is isn’t God resisting us out of His love for us because we’re on a destructive path doing our own will rather than His.

We need to check…….our behaviour doesn’t mean we’re….being delivered into the hands of foreign kings.

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