October 10 2016 – pride separates.

In 2 Chronicles 26 verses 1-15 we’re told how how God helped Uzziah the king of Judah and his kingdom became strong.

However in his strength he became proud and thought he could do anything, even enter the temple to burn incense, which only the priests were allowed to do (verse 16).

Azariah and eighty other priests withstood him and told him to get out of the temple ( verses 17&18). King Uzziah only became more prideful and angry and as a result he broke out in leprosy (verse 19). He was then forced out of the temple and hurried out himself when he saw he had leprosy (verse 20).

He remained a leper till he died and lived in an isolated house because of his leprosy, separated, cut off from people and from the temple, from God (verse 21).

Pride may not give us leprosy like king Uzziah but it will isolate us, just as it isolated him. It will cut us off, separate us from people and from God.

Pride separates.

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