October 6 2016 – our all round weapon against lies.

In Psalm 63 verses 9 -11,  David says:

But those who seek my life, to destroy it,
Shall go into the lower parts of the earth.
10 They shall fall by the sword;
They shall be a portion for jackals.

11 …….the mouth of those who speak lies shall be stopped.

David had physical enemies who sought to destroy his life. A more common way we are attacked is internally by Satan trying to destroy our lives through lies, the lies of temptation, discouragement, despair whatever it might be. Those are our enemies.

David said that his enemies fell by the sword.The sword of God’s Word is our greatest weapon against our enemies, lies. When Jesus was tempted by Satan in the wilderness, attacked with lies, He used God’s Word, scriptures from the Old Testament to defend himself and ward off the attack, every time. He made Satan’s lies fall by the sword. Nothing is as effective against lies.

David said his enemies would be the portion of jackals. In other words they would die and the jackals would feed on them. Nothing is as effective in negating, cancelling a lie, in making it “die”, as God’s Word. It is the purest source of truth we have, which is why it is so effective against lies. Lies are powerless in the presence of truth.

David goes on to say “The mouth of those who speak lies will be stopped”. It is Satan’s mouth that

speaks lies, and nothing is as effective in stopping his mouth as God’s Word.

God’s Word stops the mouth of the one who speaks lies and makes them fall once they’re spoken.

It’s our all round weapon against lies.

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