October 5 2016 – the value of a silent soul.

David says in Psalm 62:1

“Truly my soul silently waits for God”.

When we want God to do something, provide something or sort out a problem, a silent soul is one of the hardest things to achieve.

Our soul is “noisy” either worrying, complaining or scheming about how it is going to fix the problem.

This happened to king Asa in the other reading for today, in 2 Chronicles 16. When Baasha the king of Israel built a city to stop any one from entering or leaving king Asa’s territory (verse 1), instead of maintaining a silent soul and relying on God, king Asa schemed how he would be delivered. He came up with the idea of a treaty with Ben-Hadad king of Syria, to get him to break his treaty with king Baasha, so Baasha would withdraw from him (verses 2&3).

It worked but at a cost. Hanani the seer told king Asa that because he had relied on the king of Syria rather than God, the army of the king of Syria had escaped him (verse 7).

How much escapes us ? How much are we robbed of seeing God’s hand at work on our behalf because when under pressure we fail to maintain a silent soul, silent in its trust of God ? Instead our soul is “noisy” with fear, complaint or coming up with its own solution to the situation. A “noisy” soul robs us of much.

Don’t underestimate…..the value of a silent soul.


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