September 30 2016 – we cannot live off the past.

In 2 Chronicles 6:2 Solomon described the temple he made God, as an ” exalted house”, a glorious, magnificent structure no doubt.

In chapter 7 powerful, supernatural things were experienced by Solomon and the people in connection with the temple (vs.1-3), many many sacrifices were made in connection with the dedication of the temple (vs.4&5) and there was much praise to God (v.6) and a great feast throughout all Israel (v.8).

After the glorious temple was completed, after these powerful experiences, all the sacrifices, praise and feasting, God gave Solomon a warning in verses 19-22.

In a nutshell He told him, you can’t live off this, you can’t live off the past.He told Solomon despite all that he had done and all that God had done for him and Israel, that would not sustain them, carry them into the future. For what they had experienced to be maintained, there had to be ongoing sacrifice, the ongoing sacrifice of hearts constantly surrendered, yielded to God, but if that stopped so would all the gory and power (verse 19 on ).

You cannot live off the past. Whatever God has done in your life and whatever you have done for God, however sacrificially you have served Him and powerfully you’ve experienced Him, it wont sustain you. Like the children of Israel in the desert who had to go out and collect fresh manna everyday or it went rotten ( bred worms and stank!) we must feed on God, experience Him anew everyday as we continually yield and surrender to Him and obey Him. We cannot live off yesterday’s manna, yesterday’s experience.

We cannot live off the past.

If a sacrifice of 22,000 bulls and 120,000 sheep (Ch 7:5) in Solomon’s past couldn’t sustain him, nor will ours.

We cannot live off the past.

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