September 29 2016 – a heart where He is at home.

In 2 Chronicles chapters 3,4,5,& 6 we read the account of Solomon building the temple, furnishing it, bringing the ark into it,  delivering his speech to all present at the completion of the temple and then praying that God’s  eyes and ears would be open, attentive to prayers made in the temple ( Ch 6:40). Solomon then concluded by asking, inviting God to arise and enter, dwell in the temple, His “resting place” ( Ch 6:41).

We often think of ourselves seeking and finding a resting place in God, but we see hear that God too seeks a resting place. What sort of resting place ? I think in many ways the sort of resting place we all look for.

God no longer lives in a physical temple, but in human hearts within human bodies ( 1 Cor 6:19-20) and what He looks for in a human heart as a place to rest in, to abide and dwell in are the things we would all look for in a place to rest, be at peace and relax.

He seeks a heart that is quiet, at peace. A heart that’s trusting Him, quieted by trust in Him not noisy and tempestuous through the waves and billows of fear, worry and anxiety. He looks for a heart whose environment aligns itself with His values, His tastes. A heart in that sense that is in agreement with Him, where there is not dissonance between Himself and what’s in it, whose pictures on the wall ( whose thoughts) and furnishings (objects of focus and interest) are pictures and furniture He would enjoy and that would bring Him pleasure. A heart in harmony with Him, full of things that He likes and values that He holds, values that reflect Him.

In short a resting place for God, is a heart where He is at home.

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