September 27 2016 – wisdom brings God into the picture.

In 2 Chronicles chapter 1, God asked Solomon what he wanted (verse 7) and Solomon asked for wisdom and knowledge to lead the nation well (verse 10). His request pleased God and He gave him the wisdom he asked for (verse 12).

This wisdom led Solomon at the beginning of the next chapter to set about building a temple for God. In the temple God met with His people and spoke to them. In building the temple Solomon was bringing God and His influence that much more into the nation, he was bringing Him into the picture, placing Him at the centre of Israel’s life.

I think godly wisdom always does that. It seeks to bring God into a situation, it brings Him into the picture. It seeks to place God at the centre and desires and seeks His influence.

A verse we considered yesterday was Proverbs 9:10 ” The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”. This verse tells us that wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord, which values God’s will and wishes more than anything. The fear of the Lord believes that God’s will and wishes cannot be improved on, and therefore it always desires them for a situation. The fear of the Lord is where wisdom begins, therefore wisdom also always desires God’s will and wishes for a situation and therefore seeks to bring God into situations, it seeks His influence.

Just as Solomon did in building the temple, wisdom brings God into the picture.


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