September 23 2016 – building beautiful houses.

In 1 Chronicles 28, Solomon was called by his father David to build a house, a temple, a building for God ( verse 10). In the same verse, David told him to be strong and do it, in other words to throw himself into it heart and soul.

David gave Solomon plans for the house with a lot of details in them (verses 11,12), plans and details we are told he had received by God’s Spirit (verse 12).

Our bodies are now God’s temple (1 Cor 6:19), our lives are His building (1 Cor 3:9) and the verses we have considered in 1 Chronicles 28 give us principles to follow in building our lives according to God’s plan.

As David told Solomon to do, we should throw ourselves into the process of building our lives for God. In our witness for God we some times focus on what we can do “out there”, failing to appreciate the power of the witness of a life well put together by God. The power of the fruit of a well integrated life that God has built.

Everyday of our lives God wants to work with us to continue His renovation on us, and we must throw ourselves into that work, as David encouraged Solomon to do. God has detailed plans for our lives as David did for Solomon, and those plans are drawn up, drafted by His Spirit, as Solomon’s plans were for the temple.

In 1 Chronicles 22:5 David said in connection with the house Solomon was to build for God, that it must be “exceedingly magnificent” . It was God’s plans, given by His Spirit that brought about that magnificent house. God wants to use His plans, His blueprint for our life, to turn everyone of our lives into something ” exceedingly magnificent” . There are few things more exceedingly magnificent than a life made beautiful by Him.

So I encourage us all, wherever God is nudging us about an area, a wing, a room of our house that needs redecorating or renovating, don’t resist God in the process.

There is nothing more glorious than a house, a life put together by God, an ” exceedingly magnificent” house.

Its how we build beautiful houses.



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