September 22 2016 – our gifts should involve body, soul and spirit.

In 1 Chronicles 25 verse 1 the sons of Asaph are mentioned among those separated as singers and musicians in the temple.

Their activity is talked about in much broader and more significant terms than simply a skill or activity they performed.

Their skill is mentioned (verse 1), but their activity is also referred as prophesy (verse 1). In verse 2 we’re told they were under the direction of Asaph who prophesied under the authority of king David. This activity took place under authority, under the direction of their father and the king, who were ultimately under the authority of God.

I think these 2 verses give us a model to aim for in anything we do.

We should be as skilled at it as we can. We should work at it, put in time and effort, be the best we can be.

We should as much as possible make it prophesy. Part of prophesy is anything that declares God and His character. What we do as much as possible should declare, reflect God. Reflect the talents and skills He’s given us, done at the highest level He has made us able to do them, with the credit and glory going to Him.

Finally just as the sons of Asaph exercised their gifts under the authority of the king, we should exercise our skills under the authority of our king, Jesus. Under His direction and leading and under Him in the sense that they are done as an extension of our relationship with Him, out of love for Him.

These two verses give us a more wholistic perspective of gifts and talents than we sometimes have. They portray the exercising of gifts as spiritual activities exercised as part of and because of our relationship with God, rather than something compartmentalised in our life and separate from that relationship.

These two verses demonstrate that our gifts should involve our whole being, body, soul and spirit.



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