September 16 2016 – rich treasures in the darkness.

In Psalm 43 the psalmist prays to God when in trouble and his prayer is revealing.

In verse 3 he says:

Oh, send out Your light and Your truth!
Let them lead me;
Let them bring me to Your holy hill
And to Your tabernacle.

He prays for God’s light to lead him. When we are in trouble for whatever reason, be it we are under pressure, in pain, stressed by something, we are prone to darkness, to lose our way, to lose God’s way, blinded by fear, unbelief or the temptation to escape our situation in some unhealthy way. Then more than ever we need God’s light, His perspective, reminding us of His love for us to cast out fear, quickening faith to melt our unbelief and elevating our perspective so we are not taken in by the trap of a quick fix that will cost us dearly.
The psalmist also prays for God’s truth to lead him. In times of trouble we are also prone to lies. The lies feed the darkness and are the source of the darkness. Lies such as, God’s abandoned us, forgotten about us, doesn’t care about us, doesn’t exist and His Word isn’t true. We need God’s truth, His Word more than ever at such times, reminding us He will never leave us or forget about us, that He loves us and knows all about what we’re going through, has a good purpose in it and blessing He wants to bring out of it.
In difficult times, if we will let God’s light and truth lead us, as the psalmist goes on to say, they will bring us to God’s ” holy hill “ and ” tabernacle”, the places where He dwelt, in other words to God Himself.
God always wants our trouble to lead us to Him, to His comfort, to His strength, to His encouragement, to greater closeness and intimacy with Him, and greater likeness to His character.
When we are in trouble, if we will let God’s light and truth lead us, we will find rich treasures in the darkness.

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