September 14 2016 – what will unite us and make us a people of joy ?

In 1 Chronicles 12 we read about the men of war who gathered at Hebron to make David king of Israel (v 23 & 38).

The nation of Israel was very healthy at this time. It was united, “of one mind” as verse 38 puts it and as a result there was joy in the land (verse 40).

Verse 38 gives some interesting details about the men of war who gathered, that shed some light on why Israel was united and joyful, and are pointers for how we can be united and joyful in the church today.

It says these men were “men of war”. To be united we must be men and women of war. Those who are committed to waging war against the enemy and every attempt of his to infiltrate and attack our lives. We cannot be soft on the enemy or his tactics against us.

Secondly it says they could “keep rank”. It’s so important we know how to keep rank, how to relate rightly to those God has put around us, next to us, over us and under us. That in terms of the people in our lives, we recognize God’s organization, arrangement and order and respond appropriately, receiving influence from those He would have us influenced by and giving good influence that reflects God, to those He has put in our sphere of influence.

Thirdly they came with a “loyal heart”. We must guard our hearts and keep them first loyal to God and therefore free of anything/everything that would grieve Him, and that will produce hearts loyal to one another.

Lastly these men along with the whole nation were “of one mind”, united in their purpose, to make David king over Israel. We will be united and remain united when our sole purpose is to make Jesus king over every situation, within us and relating to those around us. If our goal is always to make Jesus king, let Him have His way, it will unite us tremendously.

So, to be a united people who are full of joy as the nation of Israel was at that time, we must be a people of war, know how to keep rank, have loyal hearts and have as our sole desire to make Jesus king over every situation.



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