September 13 2016 – magnify God not the problem.

We’ve thought about magnifying God in our lives in general ( Devotional for Psalm 34) and the fact that when we magnify God, He magnifies us (Devotional for Psalm 35). In Psalm 40 we’re reminded of times in our life when we particularly need to magnify God.

Verse 16 says:

Let such as love Your salvation say continually,
“The Lord be magnified!”

We need God’s salvation, His help and rescuing when we find ourselves in difficult circumstances, under attack, feeling threatened. When we face problems. At times like that it can be most tempting not to magnify God but to magnify our problem and forget God because we wonder if He’s forgotten about us. But it is at those times more than ever that we need to magnify God, focus on Him, not magnify the problem. We need to magnify God and His power, goodness and promises to help and rescue us.

David wrote eight Psalms while facing a real problem, while a fugitive, on the run from Saul. We have read two of them already since starting to read the book of Psalms. Psalm 7 and 34. In them David magnifies God not his problem, see Psalm 7 verses 1&17, Psalm 34 verse 3.

In our problems we must magnify God, not the problem. This gives God access to our problems and to us in our problems !

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