September 12 2016 – gatekeeping.

In 1 Chronicles 9 we learn about the gatekeepers of the tabernacle, who guarded the entry to the dwelling place of God where He met with His people ( verse 17 onwards) . We are now the dwelling place of God, referred to in the New Testament as the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19). We meet with God by encountering His Spirit within us.

We have gates, entry points into our heart and soul, our temple, they too need guarding. The two most obvious gates are our eye and ear gate. What we look at and listen to enters our soul, God’s temple making it a better or worse place.

Like the gate keepers in 1 Chronicles 9 we must guard our gates, and there are principles in doing that, that we learn from what we’re told about these gatekeepers.

We’re told they had a trusted office (verse 22). Trust was placed in those who guarded the gates to the tabernacle, and therefore as other versions bring out, those appointed were reliable men. We chose reliable people for important tasks. Gatekeeping was an important job and still is. Guarding our eyes and ears is important.

Secondly we’re told that the relatives of the gatekeepers would come after seven days to replace those who had been on duty gatekeeping the previous seven days (verse 25). That’s a reminder that gate keeping takes place seven days a week, in other words all the time. We’re never off duty from guarding our gates. We can never fall asleep on the job!

So gate keeping is important and therefore something we must do all the time. The last principle explains why.

We’re told there were four chief gatekeepers in charge of the chambers and treasuries of the house of God (26). When we guard our eye and ear gates, we’re guarding the treasuries of the house of God. We are the treasury. We house the treasure of the kingdom of God, Jesus the king. And whether the treasure in us remains safe and secure depends on what we let through our gates.

If we let unhealthy things through our gates they rob us and others of the treasure, the life of the kingdom, the king within us.

That’s why gate keeping is an important job and we can’t fall asleep on the job because there’s too much at stake, what we’re guarding is too precious for that.

Gatekeeping was important back then, and still is now.


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