September 9 2016 – a broad, quiet and peaceful land.

In 1 Chronicles chapter 4 we are told of the Simeonites listed in verses 34-37 who went seeking pasture for their flocks (verse 39) and found “rich good pasture” in an area where ” the land was broad, quiet, and peaceful” (verse 40).

We all need what the Simeonites found for their sheep, rich good pasture, in a land that is broad, quiet and peaceful. An experience of life that is rich in meeting our needs, good in its effect and impact on us, in the context of an internal experience/world that is ” broad, quiet and peaceful”.

In applying this to ourselves, lets think about each of the words used to describe the land:

We need a land that is “broad”, in other words that is comfortable to live in, that is safe and secure where we can grow. Where we are even free to make mistakes as we seek to grow, “learning curve” mistakes as one person put it, knowing we wont be berated or angrily scolded for those mistakes, “reproached” or “upbraided”, as James 1:5 puts it. A land where we are dealt with generously.

A land that is “quiet”. Free of condemning, disapproving, discouraging, fear and anxiety provoking voices.

A land that is peaceful. We all desire, thrive and grow best when at peace, when experiencing soul rest, soul peace,and the first two characteristics of this land already described, will engender this peace.

The land described, describes where God wants to take all of us.

But notice it didn’t come without a fight (verse 41). We may have patterns of thinking, fears, insecurities that have to be faced, uprooted and displaced before we enjoy a “broad, quiet and peaceful” land within us. That will involve a fight, getting to ” the milk and honey” of the promised always does. We must face our giants, our fears, but the work is well worth it, to enjoy a ” broad, quiet and peaceful” land.


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