September 7 2016 – be a good magnifying glass !

David says in Psalm 34:3

” Oh, magnify the Lord with me”

He starts with the word “Oh”, its an appeal he’s making, he’s passionate that those he’s addressing should take up his exhortation to magnify the Lord.

Why ? Because he knew everyone’s life magnifies, promotes, stands for something. Every life makes a statement…makes something look big, it is simply a question what.

David knew a life can magnify something good, virtuous even something as good as God or it will magnify something else, oneself, one’s own accomplishments or something worse.

We are walking magnifying glasses.

As well as making something look big, magnifying glasses can also focus, concentrate something, such as the rays of the sun, to the point they can ignite a fire, bring big change.

Our job is both to make God look big in the eyes of others and to focus, concentrate His character into people’s lives and situations so they are ignited with His love, compassion and goodness bringing big change to their lives.

Be a good magnifying glass. Magnify God to others, when they look at you may He become bigger in their eyes and concentrate Him, His love and character into their lives.

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