September 5 2016 – what’s your hiding place in a flood ?

In Psalm 32 David speaks of God as his hiding place (verse 7) in a flood (verse 6).

What is our hiding place in a flood ? When there’s a flood of great waters in our life and we feel overwhelmed, stressed, are in pain and at the end of our resources, what do we turn to ?

We all have all sorts of “hiding places”. Things we do, places we go to feel secure, ease our pain, to calm the storm, when stress hits our life. Some are healthy, some not so healthy.

Are there dysfunctional things we turn to in times of stress….the fridge? the mall?, the internet? the bottle ?

If so there’s no area of our life that God wants to come into more than that area. When we don’t turn to the right place in trouble it creates trouble of its own. It doesn’t have to be that way. We need to wean ourselves off of and away from any “broken” hiding places we may have in our life and plug into God, the only totally reliable, trustworthy hiding place that supplies all we need in times of trouble.

We should do whatever we need to, to make that happen. Open up to and talk to some one we respect and trust about what’s going on. Seek their support and accountability as with God’s help we work at replacing an unhealthy hiding place with God.It can be hard work, but well worth it, because at the end of the day, unhealthy hiding places take more from us, than they give us.

What’s your hiding place in a flood ?

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