Sept 1 2016 – the voice of the enemy.

In our pursuit of God we must learn not only to recognize the voice of God but also the voice of the enemy.

In 2 Kings 18 we have the account of the king of Assyria’s representative Rabshakeh being sent to king Hezekiah in Jerusalem (v. 17) and his dialogue with Hezekiah’s representatives (v.18) . The dialogue is full of the classic features of the voice of the enemy (verses 19-35).

First he mocked and derided Hezekiah ( verses 19,20,23,24) about how powerless and weak he was.

Secondly he lied ( verse 22) and spoke in great ignorance about what Hezekiah had done saying he had torn down God’s high places and altars, when in fact he had torn down pagan ones (v. 4). So he maligned and lied about Hezekiah.

Thirdly he claimed to be the very agent of God doing the will of God, which couldn’t have been further from the truth (v.25).

Fourthly he predicted doom, disaster and destruction in an effort to strike fear in the heart of Hezekiah and his people (v. 27).

Fifthly he engendered fear ( v.29).

Sixthly he attacked and tore down faith in God, was cynical and sowed doubt and unbelief ( v. 30).

Seventh he made all sorts of appealing promises ( v.31-32).

These are the classic features of the voice of the enemy Satan, even today. When we have thoughts, ideas that have these features, we can be sure it’s the enemy’s voice.

So what should we do ? What response should we make ?

Initially do what Hezekiah’s people did , hold our peace and not answer a word ( verse 36). Don’t try to counter the devil’s mockery, lies, fear mongering, cynicism and allurements with our own cleverness, knowledge or wisdom.

The rest of the answer, we’ll get in the next chapter tomorrow !

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