August 29 2016 – let integrity and uprightness preserve us.

David says in Psalm 25:21,

21 Let integrity and uprightness preserve me,
For I wait for You.

I remember hearing a wonderful message about this verse, in which the speaker pointed out that at the time David prayed this prayer the boundaries of Israel were extended to their widest limits and therefore it was impossible to patrol all of its border.

The question therefore arose for David of how to preserve his kingdom, and he made the prayer in this verse asking God because of his integrity and uprightness of heart to preserve his kingdom for him. He focused on himself and his integrity and uprightness of heart and left the preserving of his border in God’s hands.

We all in a sense have a border, interests to protect. Our reputation, our image, our position, our emotional, material and financial well being.

The best way to protect our “border” is to do what David did. Not to focus primarily on the “border”, the particular interest,concern we have, but to focus on living a life of integrity and uprightness, refusing to compromise the standards and principles God calls us to and then leave the safety and security of our “border”, our interests with Him.

Let integrity and uprightness preserve us.

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