August 24 2016 – only as we give will we remain full.

In 2 Kings chapter 4 we have the account of the widow’s jar of oil ( verses 1-7) that didn’t run out until she stopped pouring it out into empty vessels ( verse 5 & 6 ).

It’s a reminder that if we don’t want God’s life to run out in us, we must not stop pouring it out into empty vessels around us.

We are made in the image of God, who has poured and continues to pour Himself out into the empty vessels around Him, you and I, and every human heart that receives Him and has received Him down through the centuries of the human race.

God’s nature is to keep pouring out, to keep giving. As He does that the supply of His resources never run out, never run dry, because He is God without limit or measure.

If we want to bear His image in the same way, have an endless supply of oil, life, love, resources to give others, we must find empty vessels around us, needy, broken empty lives and pour ourselves into them. That will keep God’s life, His oil being poured into us, a supply that will never cease.

It is only as we give, pour oil into empty vessels that oil will be given, poured into us.

We were made to give, and this paradox exists that it is only as we give, that we will remain full !

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