August 22 2016 – God enlarges the path under us.

Imagine you had to get from one place to another and they were connected by a tight rope. Unless you were Charles Blondin ( the man who walked across Niagra Falls on a tight rope), you’d find it very difficult. But what if the tight rope was enlarged to a two foot wide path, that would be a lot easier.

David says of God, in Psalm 18:36:

36 You enlarged my path under me,
So my feet did not slip.

What God did for David, He does for us, enlarges our path under us. He turns tight ropes into two foot wide paths. Some times we sense that, feel it, it is obvious to us, other times it is not, our journey still feels as if we’re on a tight rope…..we feel very precarious, fragile.

Either way what David said about God was true, true for him and true for us. Think of it this way, when it feels as if you’re on a tight rope, the journey is difficult, had God not enlarged your path under you, you would have been on a thread, the journey would have been impossible.

God always enlarges our path under us, helps us. Though as we journey with God we may feel weak and unstable at times, be assured even then God enlarges our path under us, extends grace, so a difficult path is not impossible.

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