August 11 2016 – don’t let Satan scramble the conversation.

The background to Psalm 7 is that it was written by David after a man called Cush falsely accused him to Saul, of wanting to kill him.

It was Cush’s words to Saul that particularly cut David, so in verse 2 he said of those falsely accusing him:

Lest they tear me like a lion,
Rending me in pieces, while there is none to deliver.

Words are powerful and something we are constantly exposed to, be it from the outside or inside. There are the words of those around us and the constant conversation that goes on within us. The words we’re exposed to can comfort and encourage us, or if not healthy can tear and rend us like a lion, destroying us as David expresses in verse 2.

It’s so important the words in our world reflect God, His heart and what He says about us. His words are always for our good and with our best interest in mind. Satan constantly tries to scramble God’s words to us, trying to get another conversation going that is destructive and whose words tear and rend like a lion.

The New Testament tells us that Satan is like a roaring lion seeking who he can devour ( 1 Peter 5:8 ) and words are one of his chief weapons in attempting to devour us, constantly trying to get us to believe things that aren’t true.

Verse 2 of this Psalm reminds us of the power of destructive words, so don’t let Satan scramble the conversation God would have with you, with his toxic words.



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