August 9 2016 – in the morning direct your voice to God, it will set the course of the rest of your day.

In Psalm 5 verse 3 David tells us the healthy way to start our day. He says:

My voice You shall hear in the morning, O Lord;
In the morning I will direct it to You,

David begun his day by directing his voice to God, by addressing Him. When we address someone we first look at them, give them our attention, focus on them

The first thing David did in his day was give God his attention, focus on Him.

When we focus on God, it reminds us of His love for us, His perfect knowledge of us and our situation, His strength and wisdom that He offers us. When we see these things, like David, we should then direct our voice to God. Worship and thank Him for His attributes, His character and their impact our lives, the victory they enable us to walk in.

Directing our attention and voice to God at the start of our day, rather than ourselves, other people or our circumstances is very powerful. It affects and influences the rest of our day, in all areas of our life.

When we see and acknowledge God as He really is, it affects how we see and relate to everything else. It’s all cast in a different, more positive light.

Relating to God rightly causes us relate to everything else rightly.

We relate to Him rightly when we give Him our attention, look at Him and then direct our voice to Him in worship and praise of what we see.

In the morning, direct your voice to Him. It will set the course of the rest of your day.





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