August 8 2016 – becoming firmly established.

When Solomon replaced David as king of Israel it says his kingdom was “firmly established” ( 1 Kings 2:12). In the rest of chapter 2 Solomon demonstrated how to firmly establish a kingdom. It’s a record of the various people Solomon struck down or exiled who were a threat to his kingdom, and those he replaced them with.

He had Adonijah killed  (verse 25) who had declared himself as king ( 1 Kings 1:5). He exiled Abiathar the priest (verse 27) who had supported Adonijah’s self proclaimed kingship (1 Kings 1:7). He had Joab killed (verse 34) who had demonstrated his barbaric character when in secret he treacherously murdered Abner and Amasa two men more righteous than himself (verse 32), and he executed Shimei (verse 46) who had cursed David his father when he had escaped from Absalom (verse 8 & 2 Samuel 16, verse 5 on) after he failed to stay in Jerusalem as had been agreed on (verses 36&37).

Solomon replaced Joab with Benaiah and Abiathar with Zadok, men who had been loyal to David (1 Kings 1:8) and were loyal to him (1 Kings 1: 36-39).

Solomon’s kingdom represented God’s kingdom, it’s a picture of God’s rule and reign in our life today and what Solomon did, demonstrates how our lives are “firmly established”. It requires us to take inventory of every influence that is a threat to God’s kingdom in our life and remove it and replace it with influences that support and enhance His kingdom.

That is something we must do every minute and everyday of our lives.

That way we’ll become “firmly established”.

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