August 5 2016 – Someone else’s voice maybe God’s voice.

In 2 Samuel 24 David sinned in numbering the people. After the event we’re told one particular morning the word of the Lord for David came not to David but to the prophet Gad, David’s seer (verse 11).

On that particular occasion God’s word didn’t come directly to David, but via some one else.

We must recognize that on some occasions “God’s word” comes to us through someone else.

Possibly the best example of this in David’s life, is in 2 Samuel 12 when Nathan the prophet came and spoke to him after his sin with Bathsheba, exposing a huge blind spot.

David made mistakes, but to his credit he recognized that on occasions God spoke to him through others, helping him find his way when he was lost.

We must follow David’s example. Recognize that sometimes God’s word comes to us through someone else, helping us find our way when we are lost and uncovering our blind spots.

Remember….someone else’s voice maybe God’s voice.


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