August 2 2016 – don’t fight alone,surround yourself with those who’ll cover your back.

In 2 Samuel 21 verses 15-17 David got into trouble and was saved and rescued by Abishai.

We’re told David grew faint ( verse 15) , he got tired, weary and an enemy giant had David in his sights and went after him to kill him ( verse 16).  Like David there are times we all get tired, weary and if ever our enemy Satan gets us in his sights it is then. He capitilises on our weaknesses and weak moments,  trying to to take advantage of them, when we are spiritually vulnerable, weak.

David would have perished that day had he not had a good man, a courageous fighter in Abishai near him who came to his aid, killed the giant and rescued him ( verse 17).

It was a good thing David wasn’t alone that day. He owed his life to Abishai. Abishai was one of David’s mighty men ( 2 Samuel 23:18) his best and most loyal fighters and that day he covered David’s back.

Like David we musn’t do life, fight the battle alone, because like him we will get weary and our enemy will try to take advantage of us at those times and attack us.When that happens we need help, people in our lives like Abishai that are loyal to us and spiritually skilled, mature fighters who can support and help us.

When we’re under spiritual attack our life, health and survival depend on such people’s help and support.

Don’t do life, fight alone, surround yourself with Abishai’s, spiritually skilled mature companions who’ll cover your back.


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