July 20 2016 – when there’s no where turn to.

In 1 Samuel 30, David found himself with his back against the wall with no where to turn to.

Ziklag where he and his men lived, had been ransacked. All their wives, sons, and daughters had been carried away captive and the city had been burned with fire ( verses 1-5).  His men were so distraught they spoke of stoning him (verse 6).

David had no where to turn to. He had no family to comfort him, support him, at this time. His followers had no use for him, angry with him to the point of wanting to kill him, maybe blaming him that he hadn’t thought to leave some men behind to defend the city while they went to fight for the Philistines ( Ch 28:1-2, Ch 29:3). His city, his home lay burned, destroyed before him while he dealt with the grief of the loss of his two wives.

David had nothing, no one to comfort or support him. Everything around him was black, dark, had gone wrong.

When we find ourselves in such a position it is the test of who we truly are, of what’s inside us. What we do and what we turn to at such at time reveals our true character. It’s the test of what we are really made of.

We’re told David strengthened himself in the Lord his God  ( verse 6 ). That must have taken amazing presence of mind under such circumstances. When everything on the out side was black. When everything on the outside was wrong, to turn to the inside and draw on God, his relationship with God and find power and goodness in that.

It took presence of mind, but David was also able to do it under such circumstances because he was in the habit of doing it, it was a life style. This was what he defaulted to…to the Lord….to God….when everything around him was black. When he had no where to go. It is evident from how he slew lions, bears and giants ( 1 Samuel 17: 37, 45-47 & 50-51).

We must learn like David, when everything around us is black , “wrong”, to default within us to the Lord, to God, to turn to Him when there’s no where to turn to.

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