July 15 2016 – keep the bread hot !

In 1 Samuel 21 David arrived in Nob and talked to Ahimelech the priest. He asked him for bread ( verse 3 ). Verse 6 tells us that Ahimelech gave him holy bread that had been taken from before the Lord so hot, fresh bread could be put in its place.

I see in this a picture of what should happen in our lives. Everyday we should come before the Lord, spend time with Jesus to receive hot, fresh bread from Him. To receive His life, fresh spiritual food from His Word and our encounter with Him. Meanwhile the “old” bread, the bread we received from Him in the past becomes a store within us we can give to others, those we meet, encounter. It’s holy bread we can give away, like the holy bread Ahimelech gave David.

Our daily encounters with Jesus should fill us up with bread to give away. They should fill us up with Christ like substance and character that will feed others, His life, love, grace, peace, wisdom etc…flowing through us.

This continual supply of Christ’s life can only be maintained if we come everyday for hot, fresh bread from Him.

When it comes to our spiritual diet…..keep the bread hot !

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