July 12 2016- the most important key to good mental health.

Proverbs 12:25 says:

25 Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression,
But a good word makes it glad.

This verse give us the most important key to good mental health.

Anxiety has two basic ingredients one is uncertainty, the uncertainty of the outcome of a situation and the other is the possibility of an outcome that is undesirable.

Left unchecked, the uncertainty and the dread of an outcome one does not desire combine to produce an unrelenting restlessness in the soul that darkens and depresses it.

The solution according to this proverb is ” a good word “. A word that offers the certainty of a good outcome. God’s Word is always the source of ” a good word “. It assures us that whatever we face and in fact whatever the outcome proves to be, God is always good, always loves, values us and takes care of us. It assures us He is always at work ultimately moving everything towards His good and perfect conclusion. It tells us that for those who love God He works good through everything and anything they go through. It invites us that once we have done what we can, not to fret but to trust Him, to abandon ourselves to the care and safekeeping of this good, loving and all wise God and He will take care of us.

If we embrace these truths and live them out, they will under gird us whatever we go through. As I heard some one say recently, like the ocean, though there maybe a storm raging on top, on the surface, as we trust this good God, we can know peace like a deep ocean current, we can be anxiety free.

The ” good word” of God’s Word, its unchanging truth, can make us truly free of anxiety and therefore healthy in our soul, free of depression.

Simply believing and applying God’s Word is the most important key to good mental health.

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