July 11 2016 – don’t cave under pressure.

In 1 Samuel 13 Saul found himself under pressure. He related these pressures to Samuel in verse 11, his followers were deserting him, as far as he was concerned Samuel was late for their appointment and the enemy the Philistines were gathering to attack him.

Samuel had told Saul to wait seven days (Ch 10:8) till he came and offered burnt offerings and told Saul what to do. Saul waited seven days, but not to the end of the seventh day because on the seventh day Saul offered a burnt offering and Samuel arrived immediately after he had made the offering (Ch 13:8-10). Because of the pressures surrounding Saul he went ahead and made the offering (verse 9) not wanting to go to battle without seeking God’s assistance.

One can understand Saul’s action as a result of the pressure he was under yet it wasn’t excusable. He had disobeyed God’s instructions to him via Samuel the prophet and in that had shown a lack of obedience and trust in God. As a result he was told that his kingdom would be taken from him and given to another (Ch 13:13-14).

Our obedience and trust in God is most clearly evident under pressure. Like Saul we can cave under pressure, bend the rules, fail to trust God and disobey Him. Like Saul if we do that we’ll lose our kingdom. We will lose out on God’s influence and activity in our life and the blessing that comes with that.

Don’t do what Saul did, don’t cave under pressure.

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