July 8 2016 – go on a circuit,come home and build an altar.

At the end of 1 Samuel 7 we’re told of Samuel’s routine. He went on a circuit to various cities in Israel judging the people and then he’d go home and build an altar to the Lord ( verses 15-17).

Samuel would travel the land and all would benefit from his wisdom as he shared it, and dispensed it in his judgements and teaching. He gave a lot as he traveled around but then he would come home and recuperate and get filled up in the intimate, nurturing, familiar environment of his home where he would personally build an altar, meet with God, worship Him.

All of us need that cycle, that balance in life of giving out and being filled up. We must go on a ” circuit” and give whatever God has given us to give, sharing what God has gifted and blessed us with, in the spheres of influence He has placed us in. That will empty us, drain us, so then we must come home and build an altar. Return to a place that is intimate, familiar and nurturing where we get filled up. That speaks to me of our literal home a place that is comfortable, where we are filled up with love and care, but it speaks primarily to me of the home we have in God, our hearts’ home. Our hearts engaging with His and worshiping Him as part of an intimate, familiar and nurturing relationship we have with Him.  As we encounter God in that relationship and build an altar, worship Him it fills us up and we can go out and give again.

Like Samuel, we must all practice that cycle of going on a circuit, coming home and building an altar.

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