July 6 2016 – giving leads to life and glory.

In 1 Samuel 2 we read of how the sons of Eli the priest, Hophni and Phinehas who were also priests ” abhorred the offering of the Lord “ ( verse 17), they took the things of God lightly, and how they and possibly Eli too made themselves ” …fat with the best of all the offerings of Israel ” ( verse 29), they took the best for themselves, put themselves before God.

What a contrast to Hannah who gave her very best away to God, Samuel, the son she had longed for ( Ch 1:27-28).

What came of Eli and his two sons ? All three died in one day ( Ch 4: 11, 18) , and when Phinehas’ wife ( who was close to delivering a child) heard he had died and her father-in-law had died she went into labour and gave birth to a son, who she called ” Ichabod”, meaning Inglorious, because the glory had departed from Israel, because the ark had been captured and her husband and father-in-law had died ( Ch 4: 19-22 ).

Priests putting themselves before God, taking and not giving God His due, led to death and glory leaving Israel. Where in the case of Hannah, who gave her best to God, it took her from bareness ( Ch 1: 2) to life and glory, becoming the mother of five more children after Samuel ( Ch 2:21).

We can take a lesson from Eli and his sons and Hannah. Taking what rightfully belongs to God in our life, always leads to death and glory being taken from us, where giving God our best always leads to life and our lives bearing greater glory.

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