July 4 2016 – what’s in the midst of your heart ?

Proverbs 4:21 says, speaking of the words of a father to a son:

21 Do not let them depart from your eyes;
Keep them in the midst of your heart;


In as much as our earthly father’s words to us are or were healthy reflecting God, we want to keep them in the midst of our heart. But ultimately it’s God our heavenly Father’s words we want to keep there.

What is meant by the ” midst of your heart”. The American King James Version says ” in the middle of your heart “. What is the middle of our heart as oppose to simply our heart.

I think we can find out what is in the ” middle” of our heart a few ways. When our mind is not specifically occupied with anything, like work, talking to someone etc…. what does it gravitate towards ? What does our mind turn to when it’s in “neutral” ? What is home plate, home base in our mind ? That will often reflect what’s ” in the midst/middle of our heart.”

Another thought along those lines. If tomorrow you had no responsibilities and didn’t have to answer to anyone, were accountable to no one, but at the same time had access to anyone, anything and anywhere in the world, how would you spend the day ? I think your agenda for the the day would reflect in some measure what’s in the midst, middle of your heart.

The thing, person or place we gravitate towards when we have time to ourselves and nobody is looking, in reality is what controls and influences our life the most. Whatever we say in truth that is our god. It’s what we love the most and what lies is in the midst/middle of our heart.

What is it ? This verse challenges us to make it God’s words to us. Is that true of us or do other things take center place in our heart ?

It’s an important question to ponder because whatever is in the midst/middle of our heart will steer our life, it’s the rudder of our ship and will determines what direction we are going in and where we will end up, what destination we are headed for.

What’s in the midst of your heart ?

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