July 1 2016 – don’t go empty-handed into relationships.

The book of Ruth is a beautiful allegory of our relationship with God. Naomi is a picture of the Holy Spirit. She was instrumental in bringing Ruth to Boaz, as the Holy Spirit is instrumental in bringing us to Christ. Boaz is a picture of Jesus and Ruth symbolic of us.

In chapter 2 after Ruth pays her night time visit to Boaz and it comes time for her to leave, he tells her to bring the shawl she was wearing and to hold it out and he filled it with barley ( verse 15 ). He did that because he didn’t want her to go ” empty-handed” back to her mother-in-law ( verse 17).

This incident is a picture of how Jesus helps us in our relationships. He invites us to hold out our shawl. To come and spend time with Him and look to Him for our relational  resources and needs. He then fills our shawl. Fills our hearts with the fruit of His Spirit, His love, joy, peace patience etc….so we don’t go empty handed back to our relationships. It maybe with our spouse, our children, our friends, or work colleagues. Jesus fills our shawl, our heart so that we’re givers not takers in our relationships. So we come to them with something to give, keeping them healthy and strong.

We must hold out our shawl to Jesus, spend time with Him so He can fill it and we don’t go empty-handed into our relationships.

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