June 30 2016 – the fear of God should draw us to Him.

We all want to hit a home run in the ball park of wisdom. Today’s reading from Proverbs tell us how we can get up to bat. How we get on to home plate. How a quest for wisdom begins.

The starting point of wisdom is not some piece of information, rather it is an attitude, a disposition.

Verse 7 spells out where the journey begins, it begins with the ” fear of the Lord “. What does that look like, what does that mean ?

It’s not fear as in terror that keeps us away from something. Rather it is a perspective of God that values who He is and what He has to say more than anything. It’s about prioritizing God and His instruction above everything else . It’s a fear related to knowing  how much we need God, a fear of being without Him, being removed, apart from His influence. That sort of fear draws you to an object not away from it.

The fear of God knows we need God no less than we need oxygen. If our oxygen supply was threatened, we’d do everything we can to get it back. We’d fight knowing how critical it is to our lives.

God is critical to our life. The fear of God knows how much we need what He has, therefore it makes walking with God and coming under His influence its greatest priority. It does all it can to stay close to Him, near to Him.

Usually something we fear we stay away from. The fear of God does the opposite, drawing us to Him.






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