June 29 2016 – having two sons replaced by seven !

At the end of  Ruth chapter 1 Naomi returned to Bethlehem in her own mind empty handed ( verse 21), stripped of all that was dearest to her, her husband and two sons.

The one new aquisition she had was her daughter-in-law Ruth, but she had yet to realize the worth that lay in her. It wasn’t until some time passed and Naomi experienced Ruth’s loyalty and and saw the full measure of her virtue that she came to realize how blessed she was to have Ruth in her life, after Ruth had chosen to stay with her rather than go back to Moab like her other daughter-in-law ( Ch 1: 14 & 15 ) .

By the end of the story of Ruth the the women described Ruth as better than 7 sons ( Ch 4: 15 ).

When Naomi returned to Bethlehem she was too raw and in too much pain too see the value and worth in Ruth. She couldn’t see, appreciate the blessing that lay within the hard things she had experienced, the losses she was grieving.

Her pain, her losses blinded her, but in time her daughter-in-law proved to be better than seven sons. Two sons were replaced by seven.

When we go through losses, hard times the pain is real and it can be hard too see any good at the time, but we must persevere and keep trusting God, knowing He wants to replace the two sons we’ve lost with a Ruth, two sons with seven !

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